Paint Mixing Systems

T4W TWA special acrylic top coat 2K

The TWA 2:1 coat is a two component top coat based on the polyurethane and acrylic resins of the highest quality with low contents of the volatile organic compounds (VOC). It is meant for coating either small or big surfaces of vehicles and other appliances and machines in the MS 2:1 system. The high quality […]

T4W TWB Special top coat 1K

The special TWB coat is a one component coat designed to create a one-layer top coating with special features such as metallic or pearl effect. It provides either a colorful or transparent coating of high quality. It is characterized by high opacity and is applicable on metals, plastics as well as it can be used […]

T4W AQUA 1K Waterborne base coat

What characterized the environment-friendly waterborne base coat is the low contents of the volatile organic compounds (VOC) and high opacity as well as efficiency. The coat creates little paint overspray fog, therefore the top coating is either colorful or with an optical-effect. It is designed for automotive renovating and car body painting.    


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