Painting Racks

T4W Car rims holder

Auxiliary handle for painting rack (for rims painting). Easy to use and assemble. Universal for all types of rims. Fully galvanized.  

T4W Universal body parts painting rack

Technical data: Length: 90 cm Width: 80 cm Height: 90-140 cm Packing: 100x70x30 Weight: 25 kg Features: Stable robust design with large legs spacing Stand is commonly used to body parts repair and refinishing Several settings of the upper arm tilt Dual fastening system The whole construction is galvanized  

T4W Dry-blowing system for water-based paints

Dry-blowing system for water-based paints. Tripod with adjustable bracket and two air guns (optional). The drying time of water-based materials can be extremely shortened. Tripod is adjustable in height and width. Dimensions: Height: 2m Width: 1m Scope of delivery: Stand Hoses with quick couplings 2 Dryers (optional)  

T4W Mini paint booth with fumes extraction

It can be used for painting small parts. The booth is powered by compressed air. At runtime, the extraction system takes fumes from the booth. The booth is equipped with a replaceable pre-filter, holder to fix the sample, support which facilitates drying of the sample and spray gun holder. Specifications: Length: 590 mm Width: 600 […]

T4W Stainless steel paining table with fumes extraction

The painting table is a basic workshop equipment. It ensures a clean and efficient preparation for painting. The extractor reduces the concentration of the fumes at the workplace. Specifications: Fume extractor – venturi nozzle The tabletop (560x1180mm) is made of stainless steel Height: 96 cm Table has a compressed-air connection Hanger for spray guns Spray […]

T4W Paining table for paint preparation and cleaning

The worktable for washing painting tools and preparation and mixing of automotive and industrial coatings. Specifications: Length: 122 cm Width: 58 cm Height: 156 cm Weight: 50 kg Top and bottom shelf hangers for small tools and paper towel The can and tools are not included.  

T4W Universal painting rack type H

Solid construction. Has the ability to adjust to any position. Frame elements are painted and galvanized. Infinitely adjustable arms and width. Technical Data: Length: 78 cm Width: 60 cm Height: 87.5 cm Maximum distance: Length: 130 cm, width 95 cm Packing: 90 x 60 x 10 cm Total weight: 14 kg

T4W Masking film dispenser rack / 1 Roll

The dispenser for mounting a roll of film of standard dimensions. Equipped with large wheels for easy movement along the floor of the workshop. Guide of the film cutter allows smooth comfortable cutting of any portion of the film. The dispenser allows to prepare the car for painting in a short time by one person. […]

T4W Film- paper roll dispenser / 1 roll

The construction of the stand is equipped with two wheels for easy moving of the rack in the vicinity of the vehicle. Stand’s elements are powder and partly galvanized. Technical Data: Length: 113 cm Width: 55 cm Height: 82 cm Packing: 115x34x8 Weight: 9 kg  

T4W 3P Film- paper roll dispenser rack / 5 rolls

The construction is galvanized and painted. European production, solid performance, long life and comfort are just a few features of the T4W rack. The special design allows the simultaneous unrolling of the the paper, wrapping the edges with adhesive tape and cutting a given section of the paper. Practical, mobile rack for masking papers and […]

T4W 2P Film- paper roll dispenser rack / 3 rolls

European production. Solid construction, long service life and operator comfort are not only features of T4W paper stand. Practical and portable paper and film dispenser. Technical Data: Length: 135 cm Width: 59 cm Height: 110 cm Weight: 22.5 kg Capacity: 3 rolls Ø 20cm Max. Roll width: 90 cm 3 x Tape roll holder  

T4W Car doors painting rack

Practical rack for painting doors and other vehicle parts. Sturdy construction on strong wheels. Practical and easy to use. Galvanized.  


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