Pneumatic Tools

T4W Vacuum brake fluid bleeder extractor

Brake Bleeder for the extraction of brake fluid from the wheel cylinders / calipers. Features: for one-man operation also usable for clutch and steering systems Also suitable for ABS assets (Caution: Observe the manufacturer’s instructions) Integrated Venturi system produces a vacuum by means of compressed air, with which the brake system is vented Incl. Universal […]

T4W Sandblasting Gun

Ideal pneumatic tool for treating various surfaces and for removing rust, paint residues and in combination with dry ice also for removing stubborn dirt. Recommended air hose – diameter 8mm. Features: Material: HDPE – Extremely durable and sturdy plastic (polyethylene) Container capacity: 1.0 liter; suction cup screwed Sandblasting nozzle: 6mm; extra hardened, resulting in reduced […]

T4W Air vacuum dent puller kit

With our vacuum dent puller you can quickly and effectively remove dents from a car body without damaging the paint. It’s simply connected to a compressed air system. By pressing the reversing lever under pressure on the sucker grows and the sucker can be easly attached to the car body. The bump can now be […]

T4W Pneumatic air spot driller kit

T4W Pneumatic air spot driller kit. New model with guide lever. For easy and secure point-milling (drilling) – for point welding work. WORKSHOP QUALITY. The set (plastic case) includes: 3 Hss-Co drills 8.0 mm 2 Hss-Co drills 6.5 mm 1 filter – lubricator 1 drawgear 1 nipple Technical Data: Free Speed​​: 1600 rpm Bit size: […]

T4W Air Powered Steel Metal Shear Cutter

Pneumatic sheet metal cutter / shear. Precise tool for cutting sheet metal, including all sorts of body parts. High quality workmanship and choice of materials ensures reliability and durability. Amenities: Good ergonomics for left and right handed Compact design Reinforced punch guide High quality, professional design Technical Data: Cutting capacity in steel: Up to 1.2 […]

T4W Pneaumatic Air Caulking Gun 2in1

Professional Air Caulking Gun 2in1 for silicones and sealants. Indispensable for workshops, automotive and construction companies. Efficient work for a reasonable price. Specification: (Non-Dropping) w/Q.C Exhaust Valve Aluminum Pipe (Rod pull type) Working Air Pressure: 45 – 95psi Suggested Air Compressor : Over 0.5HP Capacity : For Cartridge: 310ml For Sachet : 310ml – 400ml […]

T4W Spray guns cleaning set

Thanks to this set, you will keep your equipment in good condition, which will allow you to clean and nice work. Set consists of 21 parts, such as: needles wires brushes lube  

T4W Window cutter knives

T4W pneumatic window cutter spare knives. Knives are suitable for devices: T4W Licota Fach Beta Jonnesway Internal diameter: Ø22mm  

T4W Venturi nozzle air dryer for waterborne paints

Especially for faster drying of water-based paints at refinishing. Features: Adjustment of the air at the gun For large areas multiple dryers can be combined Lightweight composite Working pressure: 6.8 bar Air consumption 720 l / min Connection thread: 1/4 “  

T4W Window cutter windshield remover

Brand new professional quality pneumatic windshield remover knife. Quickly remove car windshields and other windows that are installed in a tar-like sealant. Specification: Weight: 1200g Dimensions: 200mm x 40mm Hose length: 0.5 m Air Connection: 1/4 ” internal thread Performance: 20,000 cycles per minute Working pressure: 6.2 bar Air consumption: 210 NL/min (6.2bar) Different knives […]

T4W Multi-Function spherical lifting cup 10″

Very comfortable tool used to carry glass or any other smooth materials. Vacuum-attaching hand tool for lifting and carrying loads. Spring-balanced pump maintains consistent vacuum level, use on clean, relatively smooth, nonporous surfaces; Moisture or contaminants can reduce the slip resistance of the cup. Do not exceed stated lifting capacity of suction lifter. Humidity and […]

T4W Multi-function double suction cup set Φ117mm with safety belt

Long-life through high-quality design together with top quality performance: Diameter: 117 mm  Total length: 325 mm double suction cups for straight glass maximum lifting capacity: 60 Kg maximum working load: 30 Kg efficient daily use in workshops


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