Sheet Metal Tools

T4W Air Nibbler (Pull Type)

Pneumatic shears for cutting sheet metal, wire elements etc. which allows cutting ofsheet thickness up to 1.2 mm. The main use of pneumatic shears is the work of perpendicular cutting of steel, aluminum and galvanized sheets. Technical data: Stroke: 2600 BPM Thickness of cut sheet steel: max. 1.2mm Air consumption: 200 l / min Sound […]

T4W Sandblasting Gun

Ideal pneumatic tool for treating various surfaces and for removing rust, paint residues and in combination with dry ice also for removing stubborn dirt. Recommended air hose – diameter 8mm. Features: Material: HDPE – Extremely durable and sturdy plastic (polyethylene) Container capacity: 1.0 liter; suction cup screwed Sandblasting nozzle: 6mm; extra hardened, resulting in reduced […]

T4W Air vacuum dent puller kit

With our vacuum dent puller you can quickly and effectively remove dents from a car body without damaging the paint. It’s simply connected to a compressed air system. By pressing the reversing lever under pressure on the sucker grows and the sucker can be easly attached to the car body. The bump can now be […]

T4W Air Powered Steel Metal Shear Cutter

Pneumatic sheet metal cutter / shear. Precise tool for cutting sheet metal, including all sorts of body parts. High quality workmanship and choice of materials ensures reliability and durability. Amenities: Good ergonomics for left and right handed Compact design Reinforced punch guide High quality, professional design Technical Data: Cutting capacity in steel: Up to 1.2 […]


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