T4W 9005 Structural coat 1K

It is a one-component, structural primer suitable for repair or renovation work on various plastic elements such as bumpers, mirror cases or body side moldings. Due to the high adhesion, the primer neither requires any elasticizing additives nor products improving the adhesive properties. Before applying spray a test panel. If necessary use a plastic primer. […]

T4W ZS Silicone remover

The silicone remover is designed for degreasing the destined surface before applying any kinds of coats. It prevents from blistering or craters formation in freshly applied coatings. The product is dearomatized in order to neutralize the tang.  

T4W 9999 Fade out binder

The shading resin is a one-component product used to blend the differences in color between newly applied TWB coat and the old coating layer during the painting of car bodies (or in case of further spot repairs on the same element). After applying the shading resin, apply thin layer of TWB coat via the wet […]

T4W SPEED Drying accelerator

Additive used for accelerating the drying time The product is based on an acrylic resin designed to quicken the bonding time of required products by half (compared to the time of drying when the accelerator is not used). It is designed for the products of two-components polyurethane systems. It can be used with FAST hardeners […]

T4W Elasticizing additive

Elasticizing additive for acrylic coats and primers The elasticizing additive is based on special polyester binders. Designed for body car coatings and for other elements of vehicles made of plastic when the use of the additive is necessary. Adding the product to coats and 2K primers improves the elasticity and prevents the coat from cracking. […]

T4W Resin repair kit Polyester resin

It is a three-component product designed for repairing mayor holes. It contains a polyester resin with a suitable hardener as well as a fiberglass mat arranged to save repairing time. The finishing surfaces is characterized by good adhesion. Designed for repairing parts of car bodies, caravans, boats and yachts. Highly resistant to petrol, grease, oils, […]

T4W ZP Polyester resin

It is an elastic and structural resin with additional catalysers. Together with fiberglass mat it is suitable for manual repairs of mayor holes and other imperfect parts of car bodies. Perfect for repairs of car bodies, caravans, boats as well as yachts. The finishing layer is characterized by great adhesion and high resistance to petrol, […]

T4W Powder Dry Guide Coat

The dry Guide Coat is used to reveal surface imperfections during sanding. After application the powder fills all scratches making them visible, which helps achieve a smooth and perfect final results.  

T4W MUP Thixotropic seam sealant

The thixotropic seam sealant is applicable with either a brush or a roller and provides excellent protection for internal sealing of car bodies against water and humidity. Suitable for sealing seams and joins of car body as well as on surface of internal floorboard.  

T4W MUK Adhesive sealant in a cartridge

Polyurethane adhesive sealant is a one-component, fast-drying product which provides elastic and long-lasting bonding and sealing of metal, steel, wood, fiberglass and concrete. Resistant to weather condition and aging process. The sealant is easy to smooth out and can be painted over. Suitable for sealing spoilers and car body panels.

T4W Glass adhesive – standard or fast

It is a high-quality, one-component, elastic, polyurethane windshield adhesive used for glazing, which happens due to the moisture in the air. It is characterized by its solidity and shortcuring time as well as sounds suppressing properties. Highly resistant to aging process and negative weather conditions. Perfect for bonding elements susceptible to significant contact force. It […]

T4W Anti-silicone additive – ‘anti-crater’

The additive is used to prevent constructing of silicone craters, so called ‘fish eyes’ forming due to silicone impurities or grease. The additive does not change the viscosity of spray fillers. Suitable for clear coats as well as acrylic paints.  


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