T4W TVC Fade Out Thinner

TVC fade out thinner for shading two-component products is used to blend the differences in color between newly applied coat and the old coating layer during the painting of car bodies (or in case of further spot repairs on the same element). It dissolves the overspray around the painted surface and smooths out the differences […]

T4W TVB SLOW Base coat Thinner

The “TVB SLOW” is a special thinner, which is used for base coats. It ensures optimal positioning of the pigments, facilitates the shading and reduces cloud formation. It is characterized by slower evaporation time, which is why it can be used for painting of large surfaces. Features: Recommended for: base coats Working temperature 15-20 °C […]

T4W TVA SLOW Acrylic Thinner

The “TVA SLOW” acryl thinner corresponds to highest quality standards and is suitable for dilution of pastel colors, 2K acrylic paints and acrylic primers. It is characterized by slower evaporation time, which is why it can be used for painting of large surfaces. Do not use below 25°C. Features: Recommended for: acrylic pains, acrylic primers […]

T4W eXpert line 777 Clear coat VHS 2K 2:1

777 2K 2:1 special acrylic Clearcoat from eXpert line series has a mayor quantity of high solids and low contents of the volatile organic compounds (VOC) – used in cases where the highest quality of the coating is required. It is characterized by a very good flow, very high gloss and high hardness after curing; […]

T4W Magnetic gravity feed spray gun holder

Magnetic, solid spray gun hanger uses powerful built-in magnets to keep itself in place. It can be used in paint booths, mixing rooms, tool boxes, workstation’s or any place with a metal surface. Technical data: Width: 15 cm Length: 10 cm Height: 12 cm Weight: 0.71 kg  

T4W eXpert line Mixing cups with scale

Disposable plastic cups for paint preparation. Transparent, printed with various mixing ratios, stackable to save space and to keep them clean. Solvent resistant. Save disposal after use to time. Innovative technology – from denser, more flexible plastic which ensures greater durability and longer life. Features: Material: PP (polypropylene) Dimensions: 385 ml (Scale up to 300 […]

T4W eXpert line Disposable Nitrile Gloves PREMIUM

A very high quality, powder-free and solvent-resistant glove that is stronger, thicker and more durable than conventional nitrile gloves. Textured finger tips for better grip. Packaging: 50 pcs. (25 pairs)  

T4W eXpert line Protective Liquid for Paint Booths / 5L

Lacquering Booth Liquid is a colourlees liquid of high viscosity with antistatic properties characteristic for dust absorbents. It is designed to protect internal booth walls against the sedimentation of lacquer dust directly on wall panels and to reduce the quantity of inclusions on lacquer significantly. The liquid consistence enables it to be applied on booth […]

T4W eXpert Line EP2:1 Epoxy primer 2K 2:1

EPOXY EP2:1 from eXpert line is a two-component anticorrosive epoxy primer for professional use. Due to the very good adhesion to steel, zinc, aluminum, laminates, old paint and concrete it may be an adhesive layer between the substrate and the next coat layer. Having a very high resistance to chemicals and weather condtions, it creates […]

T4W eXpert Line Base Coat 1K 1:1

Base coats from eXpert line are 1K solventbased topcoats for applying with a spray gun or spray cans, which are characterized by high density, unprecedented opacity, outstanding performance and ease of application. The mixing ratio of eXpert line base coats is 1:1. The product is intended for use in coating systems. It’s applicable on metals, […]

T4W eXpert Line F17 FLASH Acrylic Primer 2K 4:1 HS

F17 Flash from eXpert Line is a perfect acrylic filling primer, manufactured in HS hardness scale (High-Solid), which can be grinded after application in less than 1 hour (in room temperature). The product shows anticorrosive properties, what ensures durability of the coating. The product can be applied to many types of surfaces, such as: old […]

T4W Bumper Rack

Specialised rack for painting of car bumpers. It has a wide range of adjustment: height-width. Equipped with chains for bumper easy fastening. Technical data: Adjustable height: 112 – 156 cm Width: 71 cm Length: 105 cm Adjustment range: 90° Weight: 9.5 kg


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