Protection and Cleaning

T4W eXpert line Painting suit overall breathable PREMIUM

EXpert line overall provides optimum protection against overspray and prevents pollution of the paint job by fibers, dust and lint. Especially designed to guarantee a full day of working comfort. The overall seals tightly, is made of breathable and elastic material and comes with an anti-static coating. It’s a representative overall that can be used […]

T4W eXpert line Disposable Nitrile Gloves PREMIUM

A very high quality, powder-free and solvent-resistant glove that is stronger, thicker and more durable than conventional nitrile gloves. Textured finger tips for better grip. Packaging: 50 pcs. (25 pairs)  

T4W eXpert line Protective Liquid for Paint Booths / 5L

Lacquering Booth Liquid is a colourlees liquid of high viscosity with antistatic properties characteristic for dust absorbents. It is designed to protect internal booth walls against the sedimentation of lacquer dust directly on wall panels and to reduce the quantity of inclusions on lacquer significantly. The liquid consistence enables it to be applied on booth […]

T4W Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Heavy duty, elastic gloves provide optimum protection against solvents during both the preparatory work and during painting. Solvent-resistant in short period of use, powder-free, silicone-free. CE certified. Packaging: 100 pcs. (50 pairs)  

T4W Antistatic tack cloth 50×80 cm

Suitable for all kind of paints. Perfectly suitable for all cleaning of paint works at which there’s less contamination. Suitable for water based lacquers and powder coatings. You can also use it for cleaning works in the office, at home or anywhere where perfect dust free surfaces are mandatory. Take cloth is a little sticky, […]

T4W Painting suit overall coat

High quality, professional painting suit – 100% nylon, antistatic, silicone-free. It has a hood with collar and cuffs on the wrists and ankles, which ensure complete protection. The zipper can be opened in both directions. Very light, the structure of the material allows the skin to breathe. Reusable – it can be washed. Ideally suited […]


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