GRIZZLY Protective Coating 2K 3:1

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T4W 9005 Structural coat 1K

It is a one-component, structural primer suitable for repair or renovation work on various plastic elements such as bumpers, mirror cases or body side moldings. Due to the high adhesion, the primer neither requires any elasticizing additives nor products improving the adhesive properties. Before applying spray a test panel. If necessary use a plastic primer. […]

T4W Resin repair kit Polyester resin

It is a three-component product designed for repairing mayor holes. It contains a polyester resin with a suitable hardener as well as a fiberglass mat arranged to save repairing time. The finishing surfaces is characterized by good adhesion. Designed for repairing parts of car bodies, caravans, boats and yachts. Highly resistant to petrol, grease, oils, […]

T4W ZP Polyester resin

It is an elastic and structural resin with additional catalysers. Together with fiberglass mat it is suitable for manual repairs of mayor holes and other imperfect parts of car bodies. Perfect for repairs of car bodies, caravans, boats as well as yachts. The finishing layer is characterized by great adhesion and high resistance to petrol, […]

T4W MUP Thixotropic seam sealant

The thixotropic seam sealant is applicable with either a brush or a roller and provides excellent protection for internal sealing of car bodies against water and humidity. Suitable for sealing seams and joins of car body as well as on surface of internal floorboard.  

T4W MUK Adhesive sealant in a cartridge

Polyurethane adhesive sealant is a one-component, fast-drying product which provides elastic and long-lasting bonding and sealing of metal, steel, wood, fiberglass and concrete. Resistant to weather condition and aging process. The sealant is easy to smooth out and can be painted over. Suitable for sealing spoilers and car body panels.

T4W Glass adhesive – standard or fast

It is a high-quality, one-component, elastic, polyurethane windshield adhesive used for glazing, which happens due to the moisture in the air. It is characterized by its solidity and shortcuring time as well as sounds suppressing properties. Highly resistant to aging process and negative weather conditions. Perfect for bonding elements susceptible to significant contact force. It […]

T4W ML Cavity maintenance product

It is a product designed for protection of car body cavities (such as doors, hoods, sills) against corrosion and which is characterized by excellent penetrability and ability to repress damp. It creates elastic, tight layer which protects against rust, water splashes, road salt and other negative weather conditions. It is a one-component product based on […]

T4W KP Underbody protection

The product is destined for long-lasting protection of the car underbody against corrosion. Applicable with an underbody coating spray gun. The agent is based on bitumen and wax and is characterized by perfect soundproofing properties. After drying, the surface is strongly adherent and creates a protective barrier against negative weather conditions or gravel.  

T4W PIK KS Underbody Protection

It is an underbody protection product which can be applied under any kind of top coatings. Provides long-lasting protection for car body in such places as sills, trunks, doors, spoilers both internally and externally, against corrosion and mechanical damage. The product is elastic and characterized by high vibration insulation as well as adhesion to various […]


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