Base Coats

T4W eXpert Line Base Coat 1K 1:1

Base coats from eXpert line are 1K solventbased topcoats for applying with a spray gun or spray cans, which are characterized by high density, unprecedented opacity, outstanding performance and ease of application. The mixing ratio of eXpert line base coats is 1:1. The product is intended for use in coating systems. It’s applicable on metals, […]

T4W CARO 1K Base Coats 1:0.8

CARO conventional base coats are a great alternative as a first layer (undercoat) or for overall painting. They are characterised by high opacity and painting efficiency. They are perfect as a first layer (undercoat), which is a big advantage when the use of a primer is not necessary on the whole painted surface. With this […]


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