Cleaning agents

T4W PIK Active FOAM cleaning concentrate

T4W Active Foam is a highly economical concentrate with very high content of washing-active substances. A neutral, high-foaming cleaning concentrate with fresh scent based anionic surfactants for washing brushes – and portal systems and also contains a special brush lubricant to protect painted edges. The specially integrated component ensures freshness in all facilities for pleasant […]

T4W PIK Cleaner cleaning agent for PIK cleaning guns

Ideal for upholstery cleaning. PIK Universal Cleaner is a highly productive, alkaline cleaner, which reliably removes oil, animal and vegetable fats, insects, road debris, protein, aged wax and charred residue, copolymer waxes and micro dust. Ideal as a pre-treatment agent and a brush washing in automatic commercial vehicle wash, especially fo material protection dissolving of […]


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