About the brand

Brand T4W has 20 years of experience in the distribution of systems and products, dedicated to the automotive industry. Our company has been  established on the basis of the experience and latest technology in consultation with the markets of Great Britain, the Netherlands and Germany.

T4W brand distribution takes place through direct sales, so through the network of our partners and through indirect sales, so through active telemarketing department, as well as auctions websites: Ebay, Amazon, Allegro and our online shops: elakiery.pl, kolorbox.pl, lackon.de, lackon.eu.

T4W brand Offer

Car Wash

We provide the complete equipment for each car wash. We offer the range of products from different and recommended manufacturers.


We provide a wide range of paint materials for automotive, industrial and complementary industries.


We offer a wide range of tools needed to equip your workshop.


We are a leader on the European market – in the production of coatings for the automotive industry and for the industry. We offer the products of our own brand T4W and other refinishing industry leaders, such as:

  • automotive paints
  • spray paints
  • ral coatings for industry

Brand T4W - saving time

,,Time and space are modes by which we think and not conditions in which we live. " Albert Einstein

To meet the expectations we offer:

The highest quality of our products.

So your work easier and more efficient.

Reliable information.

Both on our website and on the packaging, you will find a detailed description of the precise use of T4W products.

Rapid order fulfillment.

Close cooperation with DPD and FedEx guarantees that the merchandise will be delivered on time

T4W Team


Order the current catalog T4W on paper.

Write to us in this matter, and our sales consultant will contact you and will gladly send a catalog to the indicated address.